Since 1873, Benetti has been delivering world class yachts from 25 meters to over 85 meters. Today the combination of the skill and experience of a traditional shipyard blended with innovation and state of the art technology makes Benetti the world's leading mega-yacht builder. In Italian it is called a Red Thread, Filorosso. It is the common thread in technology, style and innovation connecting all Benetti Yachts, that now sports a Pink Ribbon with the launch of the new range, the newborn: Benetti Class Benetti Class the experience and history of 100 vessels built in just ten years starting from the first Benetti Classic composite model.

This is the confirmation that history and experience represent for Benetti a solid ground on which to build the future, turning the yachting industry's current crisis into a great opportunity for renovation, breaking the impasse by pushing on the design of new models. The added value of the new range lies in the innovative solutions for interior layouts, large open-air terraces overlooking the sea, a classic yet streamlined exterior design; and in the new technological on-board systems, of which BEST, Benetti's Exclusive Sea Technology, and the integrated bridge, are two examples.

Class is a phonetic variation of the first Benetti Classic, yet it aims at representing a lifestyle which distinguishes and unites all Benetti owners while representing the elegance and refinement of every finished yacht, marked by the specific personality of each owner, who truly becomes the perfect master of the house – or better still, the lady of the house.



140 years of history, close to 300 boats built, over 300,000 sq m of production facilities at six boatyards in Italy and 36 yachts under construction at the present time, including a 90-meter mega yacht. These facts and figures unambiguously demonstrate the momentum of Benetti’s growth and Clients’ unrestrained confidence in the brand.

It is a success story confirmed by the ranking drawn up by the prestigious international magazine Show Boats International which, for the tenth year running, has crowned Benetti as the world’s leading builder of Custom Mega Yachts.

Every day, since 1873 we have been celebrating Italian excellence adding thought, research and development to the ingenuity of our hands.

We listen to all our Clients and offer them impeccable service before, during and after the construction of yachts that are as unique as they are.