since 1973

Having someone taking care of all the bureaucratic details is a luxury most people only dream of when travelling abroad, but we help to make that particular dream come true. Coming to Turkey is like coming home when Gino Yacht Services takes care of your supplies and all logistic arrangements. From Istanbul and the Black Sea in the north, to Antalya in the south, and all points in between, we handle all your formalities so smoothly and with such speed and efficiency that you are almost unaware that you are clearing from one country into another.

Charter Licence Arrangements

Our professional team handles all the procedures for obtaining a charter license from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for foreign-flagged yachts that seek permission to operate for tourism purposes in Turkish territorial waters. We ensure a fast and seamless process in carrying out these tasks.


Attending to yacht owners and crews, we provide comprehensive assistance, including advice on cruising itineraries, legal procedures, and required documentation for navigating Turkish waters. Complementing this, we offer a wide array of consultancy services, expertly tailored to support your journey and operational needs.

Historical Tours

In Turkey, known for its historical heritage, we arrange personalized tours based on guest requests, offering expert recommendations for essential sights. Tailoring each visit, whether with specialist guides or not, we ensure an enriching journey through Turkey’s touristic and historical landmarks.

Importation Of Parts For Yachts In Transit

Experience unparalleled yacht parts importation with our expert team and trusted business partners at Gino Yachting. Specializing in ship’s spares, we provide swift, reliable global delivery. Our skilled customs department ensures top-notch quality and efficient service, meeting all your yacht component needs with precision and care, tailored to the unique demands of yacht owners.

Berthing For Boats Of Any Size

Providing berthing for boats of any size, Gino Yachting offers comprehensive docking solutions along the Turkish coast, enhancing your experience. With offices in numerous marinas and close collaboration with them, we ensure convenient and efficient berthing arrangements for all yacht sizes.

Provisioning Service

Experience excellence with Gino Yachting, offering yacht provisioning and superyacht agent services along the Turkish coast. We provide the highest quality organic, local and imported provisions, ensuring swift and flawless delivery of the freshest supplies to your yacht. Our rich selection of local goods showcases Turkey’s abundant resources.

Yacht Clearance

Gino Group’s expert team ensures swift, efficient yacht Arrival & Departure, Harbour Master, Immigration, and Customs handling, with over 50 years of expertise.

Reservation and Bookings

Offering comprehensive reservation services for airlines, hotels, ferries, and restaurants, Gino Yachting, with 50 years of experience, ensures luxury and top-quality experiences. Our partnered hotels provide exclusive amenities like meeting rooms, catering to all guest needs with the highest standards.

Duty Free Fuel

Gino Yachting specializes in offering high-quality, duty-free fuel for yachts, working closely with overseas agencies and mega yachts since the advent of duty-free fuel in Turkey. We provide cost-effective fueling solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient journey, and handle all necessary procedures for a hassle-free experience.

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